Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dec. 14, 2008

My knitting of late: I'm putting the edge on my red Snowdrop Shawl. It's lovely, and easy, but soul-suckingly s-l--o---w. When I need a break from it I work on Mrs. Beeton's Victorian wristwarmers. They're going well, but looking humongous right now. I'm hoping they'll be right in the end; could that be the sound of knitter's denial? I'm too deep in it to pull my head out of the sand just yet. Knitterly denial truly runs deep, eh?

I hoped to debut the shawl at Mo's party last night, but I didn't get it finished. Her party was awesome. We had a great time, met lovely people, and enjoyed watching kids, who were ramped to the max with Christmas excitement. We look forward to next year's party. And Mo and Rick did a dance demo; they glid (my new past-tense version of glide) around the floor as if on air. I took ThatLoganChick's advice and used my triangular shawl swatch as a boobage shawl and tucked it in my bra so it would show under a green blouse. Worked great!

Then I hoped to have the shawl finished to wear to Anne's party tonight, but that's not going to happen either, sigh... (Anne is the woman who drove us to Medicine Hat and trailered Mac home. She rocks.) Now I'm hoping to wear it Christmas day. I think I can manage that goal. There it is again...the distinct sound of denial...did 'ya hear it?

I did a stash dive and came up with 100 gms of Welsh-made Prism worsted from Colinette yarns to make the purl arrows hat. It's calling me constantly. And I love it when I can shop in my own stash instead of spending more yarn dollars elsewhere. It's not like I don't support my LYS's. Hell, I should have partial ownership in them by now. I do love my LYS's.


Anonymous said...

Hope you finish your shawl by xmas. I have confidence in you. It looks great. You guys must have had a blast at mo's(you are a fun bunch)It must have been great to see her and her husband dance.Talk to you soon.


Knitting Alchemist said...

Thanks Amy. What are you working on? I see you've been doing some test knitting. Sounds like the scarf was a big hit.

Mo said...

I'm glad you had a good time. I worry about the noobs we invite - it can be a little scary with all those people and no one you know. But we've managed to accumulate a diverse and fun group of friends who end up talking the night away.
And I know all too well the knitterly denial. Sigh. But forge on we must!!

Kare said...

There is no such thing as an easy lace pattern in my books!