Saturday, February 2, 2008


The matrimonial cake is divine! Forget Mom's recipe; I'm sticking with this one.

The weather here is slowly, very slowly getting warmer. Today we got up to -17. Back down to the -27 overnight. By Wednesday, we should be up to -9. We'll all be out sunbathing! There's nothing more freeing than shedding the winter layers.

Around here none of us can wait for spring. I was in Canuck Tire today and they have all the gardening stuff out. My heart skipped a beat. I so want spring to come. I want it so badly that I delude myself into thinking this is a sure sign of spring, and that it can't be far off. I cling to that delusion with the blind determination of a mole. We might not see an end to the snow until April or May, so spring could be a long way off. Or, we might have spring arrive in March. Do you see how the unknown in that feeds my delusion? And the stupid groundhogs are not to be trusted.

Well, I finally finished the second blue sock for Doug. Unfortunately, it fits waaaay better than the first one, so I'm going to rip out the first one and knit it again. *sigh* With any luck, this one will knit up in three days like it did the first time around. Or...maybe I'm just deluding myself again.


Kare said...

Warmer weather will be very welcome.Very very very very welcome.
Um, you could always post the matrimonial cake recipe here..hint, hint.

Kare said...

any more sock knitting?

DogSaver said...

Okay, I'm giving this one last try (again) and then I'm officially a total techno-failure. Here we go...

DogSaver said...

Hah! It worked! Cool! 'Course, now I feel the pressure to come up with something weird, wonderful and witty to put on this thing. Ummm... Matrimonial cake sounds good - eat a piece for me 'cause as you know I'm not eating much these days. As to the kit you received - don't you have a scarf you're going to be working on soon? Hmmm? I can see I'm going to have to keep an eye on your blog just so I can check the status of said scarf. Harumph!
Anyway, congrats on the blogging. Always good for a writer to have new places to spew :) Now I'm off to the day job. *sigh*