Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines from Balmy Alberta

Finally. We finally reached 0 degrees C. It's downright balmy outside. I know 'cause I just walked my little dog. We're both pooped. She's taking some well-deserved TV time on the couch while I write this blog post.

I'm still working on the STR socks. They're fine. Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend and she brought me stuff. In the "Shelley" bag (I love the "Shelley" bag!) was a book she's returning (Dave Barry), a Timmie's shirt (Yeah!),

the yarn she chose for her Christmas present (lovely, but this picture doesn't do it justice, at all.),

AND one of her zucchini cakes! These cakes are so good I actually have seconds, which is something I never do (no really. I don't have much of a sweet-tooth). LOVE HER! And I'm deeply, deeply honoured that she would give me her last one.

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Kare said...

Thatshirt is so cute! I see how there are no picking up stitches. Is it the multidirectional scarf?
The socks turned out great.