Friday, May 2, 2008


It's been a while since I got close to this blog thing... Been busy... I was gifted with a bunch of patterns to format for a brilliant designer in Cold Lake, Alberta. And I'm having a blast. Feeds the detail-obsessed side of me. And it's the direction I want to take my editing career.

I've squeezed in some knitting too.

These are the last pieces of the Kilcar sweater, all blocked and ready to sew up. Not sure if you can see the button bands (click the picture to embiggen) (Yay! I got to say "embiggen"), but they were a new challenge. I did the first buttonhole band, and wound up with a lovely buttonhole band that was about 1/3 too short, and the holes were at the bottom instead of the top. Brilliant. So, after frogging that, I spoke to one of my sit-and-knit friends and she advised a better way to do button bands. The redo's turned out gorgeous!

And since I'm almost ready to sew up the Kilcar, I've gotta have another sweater going. So this is the start of the Juliaca sweater from Mirasol Book One. It's made from Mirasol's lovely and ever-so-soft baby llama wool. It's sheer joy to have in my hands. I had to frog this ribbed band once, and I didn't mind one little bit. Notice the cables. They end in the band, but appear again at the cuffs and on the collar.

This is the start of the Leafling sock from STR Sock Club. Since my next kit should be showing up any day, I thought maybe I should get this one started. If only there were more hours in a day...

This is a secret project I can't talk about yet. Details later... But I like how it looks like raspberries in a row. Very tricky to achieve...Not sure if I want to commit to the ornery stitch pattern. Maybe I need to do a few more rows to be sure...

And this is the Crystal Palace Maizy yarn that came in the mail for me today. It's made from corn silk and it's lovely. Some day they'll be a couple pairs of socks.

Anyway, the editing continues. I'm off to Olds next weekend to attend the HWSDA (Hand Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers of Alberta) conference.

Hopefully I'll blog at least once more before then... :)


Mo said...

Very nice. You'll have to show me the button band trick - I couldn't quite figure out how it worked.
Your secret project looks lovely. I'm afraid I'll have to frog mine once again - just can't figure out my gauge. See you soon.

Deb-VA said...

Love the color of the Kilcar & your Crystal Palace corn silk looks nice. Is that a coral color?

Knitting Alchemist said...

Thanks Deb. The colour is called "Hybiscus" but it's a lovely shade of coral. I can't wait to work with it. It'll be a while though I'm afraid. Many, many, many projects ahead of it.

Knitting Alchemist said...
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