Sunday, March 15, 2009

Time...Where'd it Go??

Some time has passed since my last post, but life has a way of sweeping you up and before you know it, almost a month has flown by. I've been busy. I started my new contract February 23rd teaching grammar and writing skills to 10 ESL students from the Philippines. My second group starts tomorrow, and I have a third group starting in April. I'm really loving this one. The guys are very friendly, polite, and happy to learn. Nice change from some of the college students I've taught.

I've also been knitting a fair bit. Doing a good job of finishing UFOs: (Click to embiggen.)

Mrs. Beeton's for Miranda, and a couple of pairs of mitts for me. I love knitting mittens.

My first hat, and then my first Fair Isle. Turned out better than I thought it would.


My first hot water bottle cover. That's King Cole DK wool. Had to fiddle with the pattern, but it's sooooo cozy when it's full of hot water.


Today, after a 4 week absence, I finally got out to see my alpacas. This is Harley. Looks like I hit his sweet spot, but looks can be SO deceiving. I was trying to scratch his chin, but he wanted no part of that. Doug just caught the moment before he bolted outta there. He's my best friend... until the pellets run out!

Today was his close-up day, and he didn't disappoint.


Hmmmm...maybe if I hide behind this guy, no one'll see me....yeah...that's it...


We also got a few shots of Kalamara. She's so sweet. Still a bit timid, but she's much better than when we first got her.

I just finished the Mock Cable socks in the hand painted yarn from Barb at WildGeese Fibres. As soon as I redo the toe graphs, I'll take some pictures. My Kitchener stitch leaves a lot to be desired. I prefer a toe chimney graph. 

I've started a his and hers sock kit I bought at River City Yarns. The kits were sitting by the cash register...and the colours were calling me...deep reds, blues, and greens. Like I've said before, I'm drawn in by the colour, and overtaken by the softness. Not sure how it happened...really...they just wound up in my basket. And I'm still chugging along on Chase's sweater. I also started Agatha, but I hit a snag on row 8 or so, and haven't had a chance to sort it out yet. All in good time, all in good time.

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Miss Mastiff said...

Harley is such a sweetie, what an adorable face! I know how enticing those pellets are too :-)