Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello Again

Wow. Give a girl a job outside the home and she drops a few plates. Plates have been smashing all over around here, but it's ok. I've been terribly busy teaching ESL to Filipinos and editing knitting patterns, and I'm loving every minute of both jobs. When I'm not working, I'm knitting or spinning. 


I've been knitting Classic Elite's Premiere V-Neck Lace Medallion Tunic
a gorgeous design from Pam Allen. I loves me a v-neck and I loves me a tank top. 
I'm knitting it up in Ella-Rae Silkience in a deep purple (shade 18) which the image above does not show. The pattern has you knit the front and back separate, but I knit the body in the round and split it at the armholes. It's knit bottom up so the body and the front is done, and I'm nearing completion of the back.

  I've also been plugging along on the Odd Sock kit I purchased from River City Yarns a few months ago. Can't say I'm crazy about the whole knit two rows of main colour and knit one row of contrast colour. I'd rather just knit with a hand-painted yarn using a plain recipe so my socks can be knit up lickety-split-like. Oh, well. The colours are quite pretty so my plebeian brain is kept happy as I go.

Summer is on its way here in the prairies. We've had spring on life support a few times, including earlier this week, but its back on its feet once more and we're enjoying the sunshine. I hope it's sunny wherever you are.

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