Monday, November 24, 2008

Casting Off Bad Mojo

More and more in my life, I see things in terms of their energy value. When I say energy I mean emotional energy. Things contain energy; some good and some bad. Today, I decided this theory must apply to all things, including all things knitterly.

I've been struggling to finish a scarf that was chosen by a special friend, Mary, for whom I'm knitting it. Last July, I took her to the LYS so she could pick out the yarn herself that I would wrangle into this beautiful scarf from Victorian Lace Today. If you haven't seen this book, check it out. I bought it on first sight. Anyway, the scarf has a border at one end that is knit vertically, then a long middle that is knit horizontally, and then a knit-on border on the other end that is knit vertically and incorporated into the main scarf stitches. Somehow, the knit-on border was eluding me. I ripped it back at least eight times, with lots of time outs in between. I wanted to have the scarf complete for September as Mary lives in Inuvik, and the school she attends there is not heated well; the students have to wear their jackets all day to keep warm. Now it's November, the scarf's still not done, and Mary's back for another visit.

My frustration with the knit-on border has gotten out of hand. It seemed like each time I tried to move forward was just another exercise in angst. So today, I ripped it back again, but this time I cut out the yarn that had been knit eight times. It's full of bad energy that makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it. And guess what? I've gone further with the knit-on border today than in all the eight attempts.

I cut that yarn out because I want only Good Mojo in this scarf. I want Mary to take it home and benefit from the positive energy and thoughts that went into making it, not the frustration and desperation that inhabited those few inches of repeated struggle.

I have to say, the trouble wasn't with the pattern at all; rather, it was in my tired brain trying to work a complicated chart too late in the day or on a day when my mind was frazzled with the pace and stress of life. I'm devoting the next few days to completing the scarf and blocking it so it's ready to go home with Mary. And I'll continue contemplating and enjoying the peace that comes when you get rid of bad mojo.

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Kare said...

You're a very smart woman. : )

The scarf looks beautiful. Enjoy your knitting.