Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fantastic Mojo

Finally, Mary's lovely scarf is finished. (Click on either photo to embiggen.) I did a major dance of joy last night when I bound off that last stitch. My family thought I'd really lost it for a moment or two. Now Mary can take it home with her when she leaves next week, and I can move on to other lovely things that have been calling me for so long now... like my new SPINNING WHEEL!


Mo said...

I'm doing a dance of joy for you right now. Nothing feels better than a FO that has been giving you troubles. And I'm green with envy at all that fun you're having with your wheel. Alas a wheel is not in my cards right now so I'll live vicariously through you and Rebecca and Penny.

Needles said...

I hear there was some funky things happening this last week or so. It's a compulsion. Congratulations!