Saturday, March 8, 2008

Doug's Baby

Today is a monumental day for my husband. After 23 years, he's finally riding a motorcycle again. His last bike, a Yamaha 1100 was stolen a month before our wedding. The insurance money from the theft of the bike went to pay wedding expenses, and he's never gotten over it. So, today he picked up his Honda Shadow.

It's just an old beater that he can ride to work and we can do some day trips with. He took it for an early spin; it's only March 8th, and the back alley is nothing but deeply rutted and melting snow, but he couldn't help himself. I'm going to give him a month or two before I hop on the back. Skills get pretty rusty in 23 years. His and mine.

I'm still feeling flu-ish so I more or less took it easy today. I went along to pick up the bike and return the trailer. Got some good knitting on the multi-directional scarf. Then I subscribed to I want to be able to knit and hear a book at the same time. I downloaded my first title: Elizabeth George's Amelia Peabody Series Book 1, titled Crocodile on the Sandbank. It's really cool, but I'm not sure if I will get enough chances to use it. Can't use it when I'm working; can't use it when anyone else is around, so we'll see. So far I'm liking it. Not sure my chaotic brain can stay focused.

The weather lately has been divine. With the sun beating on our deck, it was almost 20c this afternoon. The actual temp was 5c with lots of sunshine. Looks like more of the same to come. My little dog was basking in the warmth on the deck most of the afternoon. I just hope Mother Nature doesn't have any ugly she's saving for later. This is Alberta. We can easily take a 20-30 degree drop in a day. I think I mentioned my habit of delusion about spring. April can bring 3-foot dumps of snow. Ah, but I mustn't think of it. If I just wish hard enough spring will stay...

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