Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I started knitting a sweater for baby Chase. I bought some lovely blue wool about nine months ago to make him the Cardigan for Arwen (as seen in the Winter 2006 issue of Interweave Knits Magazine) adapted for babies by Anny Purls here . Because I knit very loose, I had to go down to skinny needles, and they make it very difficult to achieve the cables that run up the front of this little cardigan. So, I scrapped the idea and waited for other inspiration to land.

Ravelry has tons of patterns so I investigated baby sweaters and found this Doodlebug Sweater pattern. The designer expanded the pattern to allow for many sizes and weights of yarn. Brilliant. So, I started this top-down raglan cardigan on Monday. Yesterday I tinked two rows trying to get a handle on the moss stitch neck. Today I'll be tinking about five rows because somehow, with my M1's I created three random holes. Holes that I can't pass off as my own creative alterations of the pattern, or as my signature flaw that only a really good knitter would see. Dang. Ah well, I'm enjoying having my hands in this soft wool. I'm using the 2-yr size, so I've lots of time for tinking if need be. Chase won't be two for another twenty months or so. Lots of time, lots of time.

The weather here has been positively clement the past week or two. Highs anywhere from +5 to +12 with plenty of sunshine and blue skies. I say this is bonus weather for all of us who endured the weeks of -40 howling wind blizzards earlier this year. While we've been sunbathing here in the West, down East they've been getting hammered big time. Blizzard after blizzard after blizzard. Good thing we Canadians are a tenacious lot. That or deeply stupid...

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