Saturday, March 29, 2008

Time Flies

Whether you're having fun or not. I can't believe it's the end of March already. 2008's a quarter over. I haven't been super busy. Well, actually, I finished the edit of Alison's book. She's a wonderful writer and friend, and it's been a gift being able to work with her words. I can't wait to celebrate with her when one of her books is published.

I've been knitting quite a bit. I'm still almost half-way through the second Serendipity sock.

That's because I've been keeping my nose-to-the-grindstone on baby Chase's raglan cardigan.

This is Chase having a psychic conversation with his "sister" cow, and simultaneously drooling all over (he's quite a talented little guy). SOOOOOO adorable. You could just eat him up. He loves that jolly-jumper and gets more adept at bouncing in it every day.

I knit this cardigan at the 2-year-old size, but I'm afraid it may fit more like a 3 or 4-year old. Me and my loose knitting, dang it all. The pattern originally calls for garter stitch edging, but I chose to use moss stitch. Following a pattern that instructs garter stitch while trying to remember to moss stitch instead proved quite a challenge. After a few false starts I was off to the races. Now I just have to finish the sleeves.

I bought two more Addi Turbo circs a couple of weeks ago that I'm using for the sleeves. Turns out my lovely friend at the knitting store misread one of the packages so I wound up with two 3.5's -- one 60 cm long and one 80 cm long. She was having trouble reading the fine print I guess. But you know, I really like the longer one. It's much more supple and bendable than the 60 cm one. Suits me to have the lengths a bit off too. Those who know me will totally get that.

The new Rockin Sock club kit arrived this week. I really wanted to get the first pair of STR socks knit before this arrived, but oh well. As soon as I'm done this cardigan, I'll finish the sock. Then I'm going to work some more on the Kilcar sweater. I just have to finish one more sleeve and then block and sew. AND my friend Anne's scarf is suffering with arrested development. Somewhere, I've gotta finish that too. Then, I'll be able to work with the new STR yarn. Pictures later. Maybe waaay later.

Still pursuing tech editing projects. In the next few weeks I should hear from some bigger clients on more writing contracts. Then I'm gonna be bu-sy. So, best to keep at the knitting while the cat's away....

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