Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fire in the Soul

I was catching up with a friend last night and telling him all about my job hunting activities, and we got to discussing job postings. Most of them leave you feeling like they're looking for super man/woman, and feeble little you would never measure up. But we decided that if you have the skills we were blessed to gain in our academic pursuits, and you have a strong work ethic and integrity, then the fire in your soul is all that's necessary. That's what all those Herculean traits add up to in the grand scheme of things--soul fire.

Think about your job right now or any you've had in the past. Were there any super men/women working there? Did anyone measure up to all the attributes most employers advertise they're looking for? Do any of the employers match up? I highly doubt it. Most of us are just normal human beings doing the best we can on any given day.

Can anyone ask for more than that?

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