Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

It's been another busy day. Amazing how busy you can be when you're NOT working. My efforts yesterday to build a profile on Monster.ca paid off. This morning I awoke to an email alert from Monster about a job opportunity that required my skill set, so I sent off a resume. Haven't had a chance to do more job hunting today cause I got busy with a pattern edit and other things.

Got a call on a possible short-term temp job yesterday, but the recruiter needed to touch base with the client for more particulars about the contract before I decide on it. Haven't heard back from her yet. There's a whole lotta that with job hunting. Hurry up and wait...

Walked the terrorist again this afternoon. Here she is with that sweet little face of hers.

Last night we had both dogs loose in the house with their muzzles on. They were fine. Not interested in each other at all. We'll do some more of that tonight, and try to expand on it every day. Myzee's more likely to get crazy if there's excitement going on like someone coming home, or Jenny coming in from a walk and doing her tremendously-excited-to-see-us
routine. There she is below. She's SUCH a good dog. When I walk her I have to keep looking down to see if she's still with me cause she stays right beside me and puts absolutely no tension on the leash. I never have any doubt with Myzee on the other hand; she pulls like there's no tomorrow. Actually she's getting slightly better.

Myzee's a good dog too, she's just wound a little tighter than most, but she's learning to relax as we perfect the alpha training. I can't say enough about how good this alpha training works. I wish I'd found it as soon as we got Myzee two years ago. Her issues began long before we got her, but we could have started out stronger with her and wouldn't have exaggerated her problems with our inexperience.

Do you have pets? Are they crazy or pretty laid back?


Rick said...

Keep up the good work with job-hunting ... I have heard that looking for work is work in itself! Sounds like you're taking great advantage of the Internet for all of this ... sure makes it easier, cheaper and more time-effective for job-seekers to farm out resumes from home rather than running the wheels off of one's own car to deliver them. And, I'm a firm believer in making things easier ... except for those other times when I firmly believe in making things more difficult!

Knitting Alchemist said...

Thanks Rick. Yep, the Internet is a powerful thing. And I'm a firm believer too...it changes day-to-day whether I believe in the former or the latter. But, there's one thing we can always count on....PUNCTUATION!!!!

Anonymous said...

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