Monday, February 1, 2010

Busy Day

Busy day, but it seems I don't have much to show for it...I did send out three resumes, which takes up a lot of time getting the cover letter just right and such. Seems like I'm getting nowhere, but if just one of 'em lands me a job, it's somewhere!

I also got some groceries, developed a profile and resume on, and walked my little terrorist, so not all bad.

This weekend I was able to sort out my DVD/VCR so I can watch movies in my room. HEAVEN! I also ravaged my file cabinet so now we can actually file things without too much trouble. I shredded six bags worth of paper if that tells you anything.

I decided to try knitting without using my left hand much. It proves to be a huge challenge, but I have to do something with yarn in my hands or I might start killing people. So far I've rigged up a carpal tunnel wrist brace on my left wrist, which I set the needle in to hold it. Then I hold my fingers on that hand straight out so they don't go into the pinching position usually needed to hold the left needle. I've discovered that fingers have their own ideas, and I have to focus quite intensely to overcome their urge to hold the needle. I'm hoping this will alleviate the tennis elbow. So far it's working ok and it's giving me the zen-like calm that I crave so bad.

I polished up a piece I wrote on The Old Stone House, which is owned and operated by our alpaca ranch owners. They've restored an old house which was built in the 1930's to its original splendour and now are offering it as a wedding site, business day retreat center, and tea house. It's absolutely gorgeous and oozes history and character. The piece I wrote will be published in a local paper in the next few weeks.

Here's what I like to call an alpaca sandwich. That's my Harley in the middle doing what he loves best - eating!

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